Danish Whisky Reviewer - I do Whisk(e)y reviews and local tastetings.

Ron Brevstgaard

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Some of the e-books that I have written:

Get your drams noticed in Denmark

I make in-depth reviews of drams in every price point and as you can see on https://whiskygentle.men/ (click to go there), not only great reviews but also mostly stunning pictures is taken.

So why the name WhiskyGentle.men? Over the years I have owned several domains and once in a while I have had the wish to change them and looking with branding eyes that's a no-go. So this was perfect since both WhiskyGentle and WhiskyGentlemen can be used and something ending at .men is always perfect.

This is how the homepage (the review site) starts:

WhiskyGentlemen screenshot

Get in contact?

Is the contact form at https://whiskygentle.men/kontakt/ - *Only first and surname, email and message is needed or write to brevstgaard[-AT-]gmail.com

Something to know about WhiskyGentle.men?

There is a lot but the main thing is, that we run it 80% push and 20% pull. So in most cases I (sometimes we) hand pick the drams but the rest 20% as mentioned "finds it ways" due to request or search terms on the site.

Looking for visitor insights?

Ask for access to Google Data Studio and I will drop you a link, if you qualify for it. - Here you can access everything from Google Analytics in a user-friendly interface + data from Facebook and Instagram.

This is how it looked when I started WhiskyGentlemen back in 2017:

Ron Brevstgaard WhiskyGentlemen

What to look at pictures of the drams taken?

Just go here: https://www.instagram.com/whiskygentle.men/

See you at WhiskyGentlemen I hope!

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